AIESEC develops young leaders worldwide by creating and offering practical experiences. With 70.000 members across 126 countries and territories in the world and a history of activating leadership since 1948, we offer companies to become an enabler of youth development by participating in our program – by hiring youth talents from all over the world. Through this program, we enable international talent acquisition and leadership development.

In more detail, the leadership development we provide consists of four qualities such as solution orientation, self awareness, world citizenship and the ability to empower others. In other words, by working in a diverse and challenging environment in tandem with the interaction and the colleagues’ cooperation, our youth talents become adaptable, resilient and effective communicators in any environment. By participating in company’s activities and reflecting about their working life, the interns become interested in issues worldwide and aware of their strengths and values. We believe this type of leadership can give a solution to the future and in this type of leadership we wish every company to invest.

But who can join us in this program?

Start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises as well as multinational corporations. All of them can have access to our platform, find the ones who with their skills will lead the company to grow.

How can a company or a start-up grow?

By improving the reach or the entry channels the retention will flourish and the leadership pipeline will be ensured. By having access to hard to find talent profiles in a varied market, all these have as aftermath the international perspective and or the development of the project or the optimization of the procedures or the expansion strategy depends the size of the enabler.

According to all the above your company can do all of these. So, AIESEC’ s opportunity portal for companies is here.


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