I joined AIESEC in Bayreuth in the end of May last year. As I am studying in a more technical field of studies, the contact to students with other background was very important to me.   I wanted to be committed to something exceeding sports and university. Additionally, I thought it could support me in my future career and that I could extend my network.
For me AIESEC is a balance to my schedule. I am part of the team that sends German students abroad for a Volunteering Project. My job is to guide them through the process and help them to organize their stay abroad. This is a very rewarding responsibility!
I like my engagement particularly because I am able to help creating amazing memories for students in Bayreuth and send them off to a life-changing experience while they also have an impact on others abroad.
During my time in AIESEC I learned to open up to people and approach them more easily.
I also improved my skills in strategic planning and organisation as responsible for matching-and info-events. Moreover, I finally know how to manage my time and get my to-dos done for the week. It feels pretty epic 🙂

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