Did you ever want to feel like a celebrity or a star?

Welcome to Indonesia!

Indonesia is a very diverse country, lots of different languages and lifestyles but there is one thing in common, at least in Jakarta: European people are treated like famous actors or stars. Everyone is interested in talking to you and wants to get to know your culture, sometimes they also ask shyly if they could take a selfie with you 😀 This happens because for indonesian people europeans are considered to be the more beautiful, I for example receive a lot of compliments for my nose 😛

My name is Anna and I did a social project in December 2016 in Jakarta. I was teaching english to children aged from 5 to 8 and 10 to 13 and besides this I explored the indonesian culture as much as I can, especially the food. They have an amazing peanut sauce, make sure you try it while you are here!

However, I was completely surprised how friendly people are here, they always try to do you a favor. In the beginning I guess I had a really german mindset, I didn’t trust the people trying to help me because I was always thinking “Why are you helping me, what do you want to sell me?”. Right now I feel ashamed writing this because I learned that people are mostly just friendly and enjoy helping you.

I needed to get used to the culture and the standards (for example in the bathrooms, you better bring paper because there is no paper at all :D) but I received an incredible experience in return! I literally experienced how my presence, my western perspective and my different lifestyle made people think about their own way of life and it did the same with me in return. This is something so marvellous I cannot put it into words. I just hope you’ll experience the same. Go for it!


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