Millennials are quick learners. They are highly adaptable and dynamic. But they are also more likely to leave their jobs and go for new adventures if they don’t feel challenged or happy enough. Millennial’s retention is nowadays a huge topic also because they can really contribute for the business growth when companies manage to make them stay longer. So keep reading this article if you want to understand better why your business should be focusing on empowering millennial talent!

They are purpose driven

A recent report from Youth Speak Survey, a Youth Insight Survey powered by AIESEC, concluded that the 3 motives driving young people the most in life are family, purpose, and love. The survey counts on more than 160 thousand respondents from different parts of the world, and also concluded based on keyword analysis that travel, teach, build and help are the things they would do if they could be paid for anything.

74% of the responders from Eastern & Central Europe believe the world will be in a better state 15 years from now. They want to contribute to the world’s issues to make it a better place. And they want to do that while working with you! So if they feel their values fit with your company’s beliefs, you’ll have very engaged employees willing to make your business grow!

They want to learn

Youth Speak Survey Insights also show that millennials value constant learning. They want more than jobs: they want experiences. So by providing them with mentorship, bigger responsibilities and constant feedbacks, they will feel more fulfilled and probably won’t be part of the statistics of 44% of millennials saying that they would like to leave their current employers if given the choice.

They want global opportunities

When asked about what is the most important for them in the first 5 years after graduation for their career, most of the responders said global opportunities. They want global understanding, and to develop different skills by working in an international and challenging environment.

According to Deloitte’s 2015 Millennial Survey, 63% of millennials believe their leadership skills are not being fully developed. And by partnering with AIESEC and opening opportunities for international internships in your company, your business can be an enabler of youth leadership. AIESEC recruits young people around the world to live exchange experiences and through that develop 4 main qualities we believe that are important for leaders: self-awareness, world citizenship, ability of empowering others and solution orientation. Here you can learn more about our leadership development model and here you can read more about how becoming an enabler for that!

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