When you hear the word “internship”, what first comes to your mind? A bunch of young people running around the office serving coffee and carrying paper? Well, your interns might be very multitask, that’s true, but not like this. Real interns must contribute to your business results, bring new ideas and challenge the way you have always done things.

They boost your work culture

Millennials are bound to dominate our global workforce. Adapt your business to new trends and become millennial-friendly. Interns bring energy and flair to the workplace and contribute to a dynamic environment.

They are tech-friendly

Your interns know how to use technology. Instead of just blocking access to all networks and forbidden mobiles at work, you should think about how they could actually use it to improve your business.

They are creative

Don’t you have any projects or tasks your team is struggling with? They could be helpful on completing those. Give your interns opportunities to show what they are capable of, and they might surprise you!

They can stay

Your current interns can be your future managers, directors, or even CEOs. Make them feel like they’re really part of the company, and they will be more likely to stay.

They can be internationals

With AIESEC, you can hire interns from different parts of the world. They can ensure global input in your business operations, and we customize our recruitment process to make it as easy for you as hiring in the local market. Click here to contact one of our local offices and get more information about how to hire international interns. You can also check our website or read more about our process here.

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