Why I joined?

In 2015, I was in India for a volunteering project with AIESEC. It was an outstanding experience and I joined the organisation to give other people the same chances of self-development that I had. On the other side, I got interested to get to know students from many different study-backgrounds.

At the moment, I am responsible for the financial situation of the local committee in Aachen.  It is a big accountability leading my team and ensuring that our LC will be able to work in the future. But that is what makes by time in AIESEC so fun at the same time!
So far, I took many learnings for myself. I learned a lot about prioritisation. My main learning was to constantly challenge myself with the question “what is important for me and for my/our goal?”. Keeping track on the goal and ensuring that everyone is still committed to it, is a huge learning.
Moreover, I learnt a lot about myself through self-reflection. Before I joined AIESEC, I never took actively time to reflect, but now it is a powerful tool for me to improve and develop.

Learn more about yourself and do something meaningful next to your studies!

Sign up for membership! www.aiesec.de/mitgliedschaft

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