There are many moment in life where you do not know whether you are on the right track. In AIESEC I had a good feeling from beginning on as we “do” things instead of talking. That gives me the feeling of actually having an impact.

I am a member of AIESEC in Leipzig since October 2016. I am working in the marketing team that is responsible to attract more people for an amazing experience abroad.
AIESEC changed the way how I see the world. I put things in a bigger context and try to not just look through the “glasses of a grown-up German”. I think it enriched me with empathy to meet so many different cultures on conferences. Moreover the stories and reportings from our students that came back from abroad are very rewarding.
On my first conference they talked about “this challenging and uncertain path to go abroad without knowing anybody and what you can expect from this experience”. But imagine you have a guide that helps you throughout this journey?
This is what we do. I sent people abroad. Learn. And have an impact on others.

So I “do” and not just talk.

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