When I heard about AIESEC in a lecture speech, I instantly had the desire to join the organisation because I felt connected to their goals and their concept right from the start. Developing myself and other people through intercultural exchanges was one of my greatest wishes after I returned from my work and travel program in New Zealand.
At first, I started as a member. Very soon I had the desire to achieve more while working with and for AIESEC in Braunschweig. So I applied for a team leader position. This is one of the best choices I made during my studies. I learnt that I have way more potential in organizing myself and leading others than I thought I would have. I had the chance to see that I can actually have a huge impact on others.
Now I am not just guiding my team members and organizing their tasks or give interested students an insight in our latest projects. By telling people about my own thoughts and experiences I made while I was travelling and working for AIESEC, I can have a huge impact. Currently, I am leading the team responsible for marketing in Braunschweig. While it is very challenging, it is also huge fun! I’m curious what else is waiting for me to develop myself personally and professionally.

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