Problem solving, effective communication, holistic view, empathy. These are just a few examples of very important characteristics that make difference in the working place. And you probably can think about some people who demonstrate these qualities, as well as mention some others you just wish they had at least one of them. But why should you pay more attention to your employees lack of soft skills?

Let us tell you why:

They are hard to handle

People with lack of soft skills have difficulties with dealing with other people. They are very focused on their hard skills, which means they actually know what they are doing, but if by any chance they make a mistake… they probably won’t admit it. They are also more likely to be rude and don’t contribute that much for building a good work environment.

They can be less effective

As they are generally not big fans of team work, they are less effective when working with others. Also the lack of communication skills have a negative impact on presenting ideas or leading a meeting.

They rarely change

Most of them just don’t figure out how their behavior affects the environment — also because they are not sensitive enough to notice that. So whether they don’t want to change because they are too headstrong, or they don’t even know they need to.

The market knows…

While you are not paying enough attention to soft skills, a lot of companies are worried about developing their employees. A Development Economics Study from 2015 concluded that soft skills contribute around 88 billion pounds (or 118 billion euros) for economy in the UK. Besides that, the report says that more than 500 thousand UK workers will be “significantly” held back by 2020 because of their lack of skills like communication and teamworking.

So does AIESEC!

AIESEC offers young people a chance to discover their leadership potential and gain valuable skills, networks and competencies for future success. After years of research, consultations with employers, educators, leadership experts, and analyzing the opinions of our youth, we have constructed a new leadership development model. We believe that the leaders we develop have the ability of empowering others, gain self-awareness, are solution oriented and have global understanding. If you want to learn more about our leadership development model, click here. And your company can be an enabler of this by opening opportunities to these young talents!


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