5.900 professional placements have been done for the year 2015 of the youth talents. How can this number of youth actually contribute to the growth of a company? To answer this, it is needed to understand the youth insights about their working future and their development in the working environment.

According to the “YouthSpeak” survey powered by AIESEC, 31% of millennial talents will enter the workplace knowing they will already be job-hopping and departing within a 5 year window. At the same time, 25% of them see a global experience as most important in the first 5 years of their career. Behind these numbers, there is a young network who desires to grow and succeed, holding higher standards than all the previous generations. This can also be validated from the fact that 64% aspire to hold leadership or senior-decision making positions.

However, what is happening on the other side – the companies’ side? For the ones, who thought that computer skills or software skills will be on top – surprisingly – they are not. According to NACE’s (National Association of Colleges and Employers, a Bethlehem Pa. non-profit group that links college career placement offices with employers) survey as it was published in Forbes, hiring managers are searching skills such as teamwork, problem-solving and decision making.

The combination of the above stand midway between the youth talents and the companies. And this is the essence of the talents pool AIESEC provides. AIESEC engages youth from all over the world, who are seeking leadership development experiences. They are youth talents who can be described with four phrases: solution oriented, empowering others, self aware and world citizens. These phrases are suitable because every day they strive to be a better version of themselves by fulfilling a challenging job description in an unfamiliar environment, by interacting and collaborating with other employees, by receiving feedback and understanding their key performances and last but not least by understanding the culture of the company and the business norms.

Summing up, today’s youth wants to be inspired, be challenged and grow in and outside of the workplace. With their leadership qualities, they can bring the innovation which is going to lead to a company’s growth. More than 450.000 internships have taken place so far and many companies have grown. So, having in mind all the data above, can you imagine how different every company will be if they start hiring youth today?

For more information, visit: http://aiesec.org/companies/

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